Moms enroll in the program in person while they are in the hospital following their delivery. The Nurture® Program is currently available in select hospital birthing centers throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Moms who enroll in the Nurture® Program will benefit from receiving immediate support and answers to their questions. The information that is offered to moms via their mentor is evidence-based information on child development and good parenting.

Want to know what moms who are enrolled in the program have to say about it? Watch our video or read testimonials.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact us.

“It’s nice to connect with moms who are going through what I went through not that long ago. I’m finding that I know/remember more than I thought I did, and I have even more resources now to help find information when I don’t know the answer. I feel this experience will actually give me confidence for my next baby.”
Carey, NurturePA Mentor