“The huge amount of ‘experts’ out there can drive a person crazy. Having a fellow mom who “gets it” and who will always be respectful and supportive just a text message away is unique and invaluable.”

Christy, NurturePA Mentor

“New motherhood is beautiful, but raw and brutal at times. There is power in connection. Whether I’m sending important developmental information, a link to a resource I know could really benefit a mom that I’m working with or just sending a virtual hug or handhold I know I’m making a difference and lifting someone up who needs it.”

Erin, NurturePA Mentor

“I love the weekly support and activity ideas that NurturePA provides. Thank you for all you do!”

Sara, New Mom

“The Nurture® Program honestly makes me feel like I’m never alone as a mom. Ashley is one text away from keeping me calm about the latest upsets that come with motherhood. I wish that all new mothers had this opportunity like I did! I think it’s important to spread the word!!!”

Kaylee, First-time Mom

“The Nurture® Program has been there for me since the day my baby was born, literally. They came to me in the hospital offering assistance and I was nervous to speak with a stranger but as a new mom, I knew I’d need all the help I could get. I really love the one on one guidance. It’s much more personalized than just trying to search the internet for answers and I’m grateful to have my mentor as a resource!”

Kimberly, New Mom

“I loved the program because of the great tips and support that was provided to me being a first time mom. My mentor always listened to my concerns and gave me great advice or things to read to help support my decision. My mentor was a great support person as I transitioned from a mom of 1 to a mom of 2. I wish this program continued longer!”

Melissa, Mom of 2

“I love all the support that my mentor provides. Just a genuine unbiased, non judgmental opinion and advice. Just knowing that I have my mentor in my corner and always available it what helps the most.”

DeShawna, New Mom

“Being a new parent was overwhelming in many ways. Along with an overwhelming feeling of love for my new baby there were so many other emotions and worries I had to learn to cope with. It’s a very exciting but also stressful experience. I love the Nurture® Program because it provided me with an extra support system at a time where I needed it most. Just having someone check in on me and tell you that I’m doing a good job meant a lot. It’s a support I didn’t even know I needed before my daughter was born, but one I was very happy to have.”

Jennifer J., New Mom

“I love the one on one personal support that is provided, the endless supply of information or helpful links that are provided when asked, but honestly I really do love and cherish the love and support that is given! For being a first time mom I can honestly say I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t for this program.”

Jennifer, First-time Mom

“I love having the support of someone who can relate to the difficult times and to share my enjoyment. I love the non judgment that comes along with anonymity. I love the resources that are provided to ensure me and baby are on track. It just feels great to not feel alone and to feel like someone cares.”

Latasha, New Mom

“I really like the Nurture® Program because it’s a great way to stay connected with other mothers who understand what I’m going through. I love the random text messages. They come at just the right time, and with awesome information. My mentor is always encouraging and never imposes with the advice she gives. I’m blessed to be a recipient of this program!”

Jessica, New Mom

“I love knowing that when I send a quick message to my moms they can feel that connection. It takes a village!”

Abby, NurturePA Mentor

“My favorite part of being a NurturePA mentor is hearing from moms! I love hearing about a milestone a baby has reached, or a proud mom moment.”

Laura, NurturePA Mentor

“My favorite part is being able to give back and help new moms with ease! I am able to login from anywhere at any time and connect with my moms. As a new mom I remember feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. At that time I only had one ‘mom friend’ and I depended on her for a lot. NurturePA is an amazing resource that I wish I would have had!”

Veronica, NurturePA Mentor

“I know that I’m never alone in my struggle as a new mom and I’m so thankful for that.”

Sally, First-time Mom

“My mentor checks in on me weekly. Always a nice comment and some fun topics to see how I’m doing or activity ideas for my baby and me. She’s like a friend to me now. I know if I ever have any questions how big or small I can ask Kate and feel comfortable doing so.”

Jillann, First-time Mom

“I remember being home for the first three months with my daughter while my husband worked and felt so comforted by my weekly updates from my NurturePA mentor. I felt like I wasn’t “alone” with her and had a wonderful support system… I still do today!”

Jillann, First-time Mom

“I appreciate my mentor’s dedication to my family… and me! I also love that she adds her perspective as a parent herself. It is comforting to talk to someone who has been there!”

Julia, Mother of 2

“My NurturePA mentor has kept up with every step of our lives since our daughter was born. In the beginning, it was nice to be able to send a quick text with a question. As time went on, I became more comfortable with asking about anything and everything parent-related.”

Julia, Mother of 2

“There are times when I don’t realize that I need to talk, but my mentor checking in brings up all those things I’ve been wondering about.”

Julia, Mother of 2

“I feel like I’m making a difference every time a mom reaches out to me, giving me the chance to support her. It’s really rewarding when a mom trusts me with an issue and I’m able to respond with information that re-assures her and strengthens her baby’s social/emotional development. And, being able to make a difference for someone in the time it takes to send text is fantastic.”

Kelly, NurturePA Mentor

“The Nurture® Program is a perfect fit for my schedule and lifestyle because I can text/dialogue with moms from my laptop, tablet or phone and when it’s convenient for me.”

Kelly, NurturePA Mentor

“It’s nice to connect with moms who are going through what I went through not that long ago. I’m finding that I know/remember more than I thought I did, and I have even more resources now to help find information when I don’t know the answer. I feel this experience will actually give me confidence for my next baby.”

Carey, NurturePA Mentor

“The most rewarding thing for me as a mentor is when I can help a mom solve a problem or lead her to a resource that she can use. As a mom, I know how big some issues can seem, even when they aren’t. Taking the weight off of someone’s shoulders can really make a difference for them, and it makes me feel great as well knowing that I have helped.”

Moira, NurturePA Mentor

“Volunteering for NurturePA is a great fit for mom’s who have busy schedules and can’t commit to specific times/days with other organizations. I usually commit about two hours a week to mentoring which I can fit in whenever I have time (while the kids are eating or napping, or after they’re in bed!). The Nurture® Program makes it easy to commit time to my family *and* other moms.”

Moira, NurturePA Mentor